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Collecting Child Support with the Help of a Child Support Lawyer

Child custody and support is included in the discussion in the event of a divorce. The court orders issued will determine the monetary support that the custodial parent will receive from the non-custodial parent. Monetary support is provided by the non-custodial party on a monthly, quarterly or in an annual basis depending on the agreement.

There cases wherein the non-custodial parent will completely abandon the agreement. There are also those who just completely disregard what they have signed. To help you out, there are lawyers that specialize in child support Stockton, CA to help you with all the legalities.

There are three possible ways that these lawyers can help you.

Withholding of Income

In most states any agreement regarding child support is directly registered with the local enforcement agency. A child support Stockton, CA lawyer can work on registering your case to the agency. This will prompt employers to automatically withhold a certain portion of the parent’s salary as payment for child support.

If there are any overdue payments, your lawyer can also work on making your ex-partner pay for any missed payments. The overseeing judge will also make it a point to not make it a burden on the other parent’s side. You may be able to collect up to 50% of the salary of the other parent as form of child support.

Withhold Tax Refunds

You can collect child support via the IRS with the help of your child support Stockton, CA lawyer. When the non-custodial parent continues to miss child support, they can request to the IRS to intercept any tax refunds. The local enforcement agency can also send out a notice to the IRS together with the request of your lawyer. Once this is done, the overdue amount can be withdrawn automatically to serve as child support.


You also have the option to request a lien to be imposed if the first two options will not work out and you still haven’t received help in rearing your kids. With the help of a child support Stockton, CA lawyer you can request to have a lien placed on the personal property of the non-custodial parent. With a lien, they will not be able to sell any of these valuables, unless they are able to comply and pay out whatever responsibilities they have to your kids.

In addition to their valuables, your lawyer can also work on revoking their driver’s license and this will remain in force until they are able to cover their responsibilities. Another option is to freeze their personal bank account and only lift the hold when they are able to fully comply to what’s outlined on the court order.

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