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An Overview about the Nature of Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is said to came about in order to address the unique healthcare needs of people belonging to the 21st century.

with the use of an approach that will focus on the body’s systems and their basic functions, functional medicine concentrates on the looking into the underlying cause of the disease instead of treating just the symptoms of the disease. Practitioners in this mode of medicine will work in engaging the patient in a partnership with the goal of an overall better wellness and health.

The whole person is being focused in by these functional medicine practitioners and not only look at the symptoms of the problem. Thus, medicine is shifted from the traditional care of the sick to an approach that is more patient-centered. A great amount of time will be allotted with their patients while practitioners are listening to the histories, evaluating the environment, lifestyle and genetic factors of the patients, considering these play a role in the development of the patient’s chronic disease and affecting his or her long term health. It is the main objective of the practitioners, that in this manner of treatment, patients will have a higher engagement and vitality brought about by the unique experience in healthcare.

Functional medicine is said to becoming more and more popular in our recent times and there are several reasons to support this.

There is now a very noticeable increase in the number of chronic disease being diagnosed in our society and this is the number one reason why this type of medicine is needed. Examples of these diseases are heart disease, diabetes, mental illness, cancer and auto-immune chronic diseases such as rheumatoids arthritis. Using the traditional acute care medical approaches are said to block the prevention or treatment of chronic diseases that are complex. The overall unique individuality of the patient is not taken into account generally in a traditional treatment, thus the environment for example that exposes us to toxins has not identified as a factor.

Let us present here briefly some of the principles that differentiate functional medicine from that of the traditional approach.

The first one is that functional medicine is a patient-centered healthcare where the whole patient is the main focus. Functional medicine has a unique approach of healthcare that is scientific and integrative thus this is another aspect of it that makes it different from the conservative approach. In functional medicine, doctors look into the causes of the sickness by taking into consideration all angles of the patient’s history, lifestyle and physiology.

Brought all together in the functional medicine are the alternative medicine approaches and the traditional medical practices in the likes of stress management strategies, pharmaceutical medications, natural supplements, and others.

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